Limited Edition FAXE Beer Can 2012

Limited Edition FAXE Beer Can

The design of the author's limited-edition steel liter can FAXE 2012 was made for the Moscow brewing company. The main idea is the naturalistic and detailed illustration of the “jar for looking at”, the advantageous highlighting of the product on the shelf due to its effective packaging. The Fax beer brand grew out of Danish brewing traditions and has the Nordic rugged character of its Viking ancestors. That’s why Scandinavian mythology and legends are so close to the brand.

The image is applied to the can in several layers with a masked white backing, which allows you to play up the material of the can - shiny steel, thus, in places not painted with the backing, the image acquires a metallic sheen, effectively emphasizing the style of the image.

The main illustration for the can has undergone many changes, preserving the plot – the theft of a beer vat by the god Thor from the giant Humir.