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Website for agricultural holding Atyashevo

atyashevo final visual laptop

«Atyashevo» & «Dauriya» food product brands belonging Talina Group company’s, Republic of Mordovia.

The main task was to create B2C for consumers and submission B2B parts in one website and to integrate it with social networks (sharing pages as well as specific articles and news feed). The content are product information and company news. Considerable part of content is a catalog of products.

Despite strong visual limitations because the existing corporate identity, the website goals is to be user-friendly; reflect the positive direction taken by brand’s humane oriented marketing policy which is configured on a dialogue with the consumer. Therefore website should be a conversable for consumers.

atyashevo final visual tablet

Some sketches and work in progress…

Website was built on the CMS WordPress.
The project done in participation with programmers: Ivan Fonin and Alexander Victorov

atyashevo screen site

Previously for the this company was done industrial photographing. Also designed packaging for the company’s semi-finished goods and meat vacuum packaging

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